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    Saturday, June 29th, 2013
    8:09 pm
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    Player Information
    Name: Heather
    Contact Info (Email, AIM, etc): Nephilrising (@aim.com)
    Character Information
    Name:Larkin Duchannes (Kent in the books)
    Journal Name:[info]darkillusionist
    Fandom: Beautiful Creatures
    Link to Icon for Taken List: Here you go
    Special Abilities: He can make people see things that aren't what they seem. He has the ability to morph in and out of things, such as a snake.
    Sexuality: Straight
    Point in Canon: Okay, my Larkin is basically as mash up of the character from both the book, and the movie. Bookwise, I am taking him from the first dinner Ethan had with Lena and her family. Movie wise, it's after the movie. The biggest difference is that Larkin is not a Dark Caster, and never was helping Seraphine.
    Brief History (or wiki link): Open if you Dare
    Brief Personality: Larkin seems to be carefree, and comfortable with his power. He is very protective of his cousin, Lena, when it comes time for her to be Claimed on her sixteenth birthday. He likes to show off his ability to outsiders, and is fond of freaking the mundane people out with his ability to turn his arm into a snake, and back again.

    He is the guardian of the Caster Library, since he can shift, and move about without being seen by anyone unsuspecting.
    Writing Sample (link is acceptable): Larkin wasn't keen on his aunt's plan to force Lena into the Darkness. He was sure that Lena would be able to defeat her, but at the same time, he couldn't be too sure.

    While Ethan has his younger cousin busy, the boy decided ot have a word with Macon, to see if something couldn't be done to spare her the heartbreak of losing Ethan, because Larkin was sure that was the tactic his aunt would try.
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